Traditional Wood Finishing Products by Type

What type of finish you choose to use is most heavily influenced by the physical environment that the wood will be in, or the species of wood, or what your expectations are of how it will look/feel. Exterior finishes have different properties than interior finishes.
Outside, you will want your finish to be more breathable so that it can adapt to changing moisture conditions. You may also need to consider some additional protection against UV or mildew (though we strongly advocate for putting a roof over your wood if you want it to stay looking new – if you leave wood in the weather… its going to weather. Don’t fight it).
Inside, or on harder/ less absorbent wood species, you will want finishes to have more wax so that surfaces are easier to keep clean and are more durable to touch and wear. For more absorbent softwoods you may want to combine interior products to get the benefits of both.
You may also be looking for specific cleaning or maintenance products. We’ve got you covered.

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