Liquid Wax


The Heritage Liquid Wax End Sealer is used often by timber framers in the shop for sealing the end grain and joints of large timbers (to slow moisture loss and reduce checking). It is great for any raw log ends sitting in the log yard, or any timber end grain exposed to the weather. For joinery or end grain, simply paint on Liquid Wax before long-term storage to reduce checking or just before putting piece into place for easier fitting and extra protection.

This formula also allows for a final, waxier film for added sheen and protection for higher wear surfaces. Recommended as a thin top-coat over the other Heritage finishes on surfaces such as wood floors, counter-tops, earthen floors, or for general furniture finishing.

Apply one of two ways: rub in as a polish and buff dry, or apply, let dry, and polish with a power buffer.  

Coverage: Approx. 800 + square feet per gallon; rough-sawn materials tend to absorb more. You get less coverage on the first coat and more on the second. The density of the wood is also a factor. Softer woods like pine or reclaimed Doug. Fir will absorb more than oak for example. And obviously dry wood will soak up a lot more oil than green timbers. You may want to over-estimate when ordering. The finish keeps indefinitely when stored properly with minimal air exposure.

Clean UpFor spills, over spray, or to clean up brushes, use our Pure Citrus Solvent or other solvent (Turpentine, Mineral Spirits, etc.).

Th Heritage Natural Finish Product Line is favoured by timber framers and traditional wood finishing purists. Made of plant based oils and beeswax, this finish will enhance the beauty of wood, is easy to work with, and results in a finish that can be maintained and spot repaired without ever requiring sanding off or total refinishing. Made with Pure Tung Oil, Special Aged Linseed Oil, Beeswax, Pine Rosin, and Pure Citrus Oil and nothing else.



Sample Size, Quart, 1 Gallon, 3 Gallon, 5 Gallon

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