Hemp Oil


This Canadian sourced Hemp Oil has the familiar nutty smell of hemp seed products like hemp hearts. As it turns out, our homegrown hemp’s versatility extends to wood finishing too. Naturally thinner than Tung Oil, Hemp Oil can be easily applied to  food prep surfaces, utensils or bowls as well as any other wood.  Though it may not build as durable a finish as the other more traditionally utilized oils (like Tung), this remains an easy-to-apply, versatile penetrating oil.  It will cure to a matte finish and  enhance wood’s grain and natural colour.  Hemp oil appears green in the tin but will not stain wood green (it needs a lot more colour to actually impart a tint to wood).  To easily create a more durable finish, top with the Hardwax Oil or any other oil/wax blend.

  • Grown, processed, and packaged in Canada.
  • Excellent replacement for mineral oil (though it is green).

Canadian manufacturer, Grand Finishing Systems Inc., pursues sustainability in their product line.  They maintain formulas based entirely on renewable resources, sourced from Canada whenever possible, to create finishes that are safe for craftspeople as well as environmentally responsible.  Their product line is suitable for interior surfaces from furniture and trim to worktops. They understand that wood is an invitation to nature into our homes and it brings an aesthetic and warmth that cannot be replicated. Grand Finishing strives to properly honour and compliment what wood provides.

Grand Finishes are made in Guelph, ON, among the tributaries of the Grand river which the product line is named after. 

size (Canada)

Half Pint (236ml), Pint (472ml), Quart (944ml)

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