Traditional Wood Finishing Products by Brand

All of our traditional wood finishing products are combinations of plant based oils and waxes that act as penetrating sealers. This type of finish soaks into the wood providing an elastic, breathable, finish (that can be repaired and maintained) rather than creating a plastic film that sits on top of the wood (like water based finishes). Oil/wax finishes can be maintained and spot repaired such that there should be no need to ever sand down and refinish your floor.
Our Heritage Natural product line is made in the USA and is idea for softwood finishing and timber frames. It has a low wax content so will be absorbed in greater volume and penetrate deeper into more porous woods, forming a protective film of beeswax near the surface. The German finishes (Osmo and Livos) have a higher wax content and include harder waxes such that they are perfect for fine finishing on hardwoods (that absorb less) and as top coats over Heritage when finishing more absorbent softwoods. All finishes are compatible with each other.

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