Exterior Finish


The Heritage Exterior Finish is exactly like the Original Finish with both a UV inhibitor and mildewcide added for extra protection for wood exposed to the weather. It can be sprayed, brushed or ragged on and used anywhere though, because of the additives, it makes most sense to use it outside. Perfect for large timbers, logs, siding, decks or any outdoor furniture, trim or wood elements. A well applied exterior finish will bead water, yet still allow the wood to breathe and dry out when needed. Unlike most coatings and water based stains that form a coating that eventually cracks and peels, this penetrating oil/wax can  be re-applied as needed, without stripping off the old finish first.  Though it will withstand weather, if its left in the rain and snow it will need frequent maintenance.  It’s always best practice to shelter wood from the weather.  Cover your deck with a roof if you want the wood to look beautiful and new for years, or be prepared to reapply every summer.

Coverage: Approx. 350 square feet per gallon or 500 board feet per gallon; rough-sawn materials tend to absorb more. You get less coverage on the first coat and more on the second. You also get more coverage on harder wood species versus softer species like pine. How wet the wood is will also vary the coverage numbers as well.

Clean UpFor spills, over spray, or to clean up brushes, use our Pure Citrus Solvent or other solvent (Turpentine, Mineral Spirits, etc.).

The Heritage Natural Finish Product Line is favoured by timber framers and traditional wood finishing purists. Made of plant based oils and beeswax, this finish will enhance the beauty of wood, is easy to work with, and results in finish that can be maintained and spot repaired without ever requiring sanding or total refinishing. Made with Pure Tung Oil, Special Aged Linseed Oil, Beeswax, Pine Rosin, and Pure Citrus Oil and nothing else. Low wax content allows Heritage Natural Finishes to be used inside and outside.


Sample Size, Quart, 1 Gallon, 3 Gallon, 5 Gallon

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