Osmo UV Protection Oil #420



Osmo UV-Protection Oil is clear, oil-based exterior microporous finish that does not crack, flake, peel or blister. It is water and dirt resistant, moisture regulating and reduces wood swelling and shrinkage. The natural oils enhance the natural character and tone of the wood. The version 420 contains a biocide to prevent the growth of algae, mildew and can be used in areas where (un-ideally) wood is left exposed to water or snow.  We generally prefer to encourage people to either let wood age/decay naturally if it is not under a roof, but many functional and architectural features end up being exposed to the weather and are still desired to retain their natural unaged tones.  This is a good option for such a situation.

If you are finishing wood that is exposed to sun but sheltered from rain/snow, the 410 version may be special ordered and would be an ideal option as there are no biocides included.  In these instances, wood must be kept protected from moisture (particularly the sap wood which is more prone to mildew attack).

To maintain, merely reoil areas that are beginning to show signs of being weathered or dry.

170 ft2/L  1st coat and second coat absorbs less.  (note coverage may be reduced for more open-pored, or rough sawn, softwoods)
Number of Coats
2 coats
Application Temp.
+5°C to 35°C
Approx. Dry Time
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Osmo products are based on rapidly renewable, natural vegetable oils that penetrate deeply into the wood, keeping it elastic and healthy, and retaining the wood’s natural character and feel. Like other penetrating oil finishes, the Osmo line allows for repairs and maintenance rather than removal and replacement over time.  Favoured by furniture and floor finishes, this is a quality line of products that provides excellent protection.  Sample sachet (small packet) available.

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