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Osmo – Natural Bristle Brushes


Various brushes are available in stock or can be special ordered.  Please inquire as to availability and prices through the general inquiry. Though these brushes are very high quality and we are happy to provide them to discerning customers, we encourage people to also search out locally available quality and natural bristle brushes.  Also available are white pad applicators and their associated handles (photos included in gallery).

  • The Natural Bristle Brush should only be saturated lightly. Please be aware that Osmo-Oils (and other oil finishes) have a high yield (see product label). Product excesses should be removed and finishes worked in evenly.
  • After finishing work, Brushes or Pads can be wrapped in plastic and kept airtight until required again.  Note that wrapped applicators can be frozen to prevent oil from curing over longer periods.
  • Brushes can also be cleaned with thinner or solvent.

Osmo Natural Bristle Brushes and white pad applicators are specially designed for the application of Osmo wood finishes and are also compatible with any other oil-wax finishes found here. Brushes are made from 100% natural bristles and are high-quality made in Germany tools designed specifically for the quick and efficient application of oil finishes.

size (German standard)

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