Hardwax Oil


The Hardwax Oil is a blend of natural oils and hard waxes that creates a soft, workable paste that smells lightly of the citrus oil that allow it to be rubbed easily onto wood.  Apply thinly to finish tight grained wood or bamboo, or use it as a top coat over one of the pure oils or blended oil finish.  The Hardwax Oil will create a protective film with a soft luster.  Oil/wax finishes will create a matte sheen but can be buffed to a higher polish if desired.  

  • 100% of the formula is from renewable materials.
  • Manufactured in Canada.
  • Recommended for furniture, flooring or other interior woodworking projects.

Canadian manufacturer, Grand Finishing Systems Inc., pursues sustainability in their product line.  They maintain formulas based entirely on renewable resources, sourced from Canada whenever possible, to create finishes that are safe for craftspeople as well as environmentally responsible.  Their product line is suitable for interior surfaces from furniture and trim to worktops. They understand that wood is an invitation to nature into our homes and it brings an aesthetic and warmth that cannot be replicated. Grand Finishing strives to properly honour and compliment what wood provides.

Grand Finishes are made in Guelph, ON, among the tributaries of the Grand river which the product line is named after. 

size (Canada)

Half Pint (236ml), Pint (472ml), Quart (944ml)

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