Tung Oil


Tung oil is an extract from tree nuts found in China and South America. Of all the pure penetrating oil finishes, Tung oil offers excellent protection, but it requires patience… two to three days for each coat, and several coats to get a protective film. Don’t rush the process or apply too thickly. Like any penetrating oil, it needs to be absorbed into the wood, not pool on the wood.

Tung oil can be topped with the hardwax oil to achieve a protective film more easily or  it can be re-applied repeatedly over time (once a week for a month, once a month for a year, once a year ever after) to create a gorgeous  protective result.  Working with pure traditional oil requires patience but is rewarding.

Tung oil enhances wood grain and colour, without discoloration over time, allowing the natural beauty and texture of wood to remain true.

  • Pure tung oil, may be thinned as needed by either citrus solvent (limonene, recommended) or mineral spirits.
  • This product is packaged in Canada.
  • Recommended for interior woodworking projects.

Canadian manufacturer, Grand Finishing Systems Inc., pursues sustainability in their product line.  They maintain formulas based entirely on renewable resources, sourced from Canada whenever possible, to create finishes that are safe for craftspeople as well as environmentally responsible.  Their product line is suitable for interior surfaces from furniture and trim to worktops. They understand that wood is an invitation to nature into our homes and it brings an aesthetic and warmth that cannot be replicated. Grand Finishing strives to properly honour and compliment what wood provides.

Grand Finishes are made in Guelph, ON, among the tributaries of the Grand river which the product line is named after. 

size (Canada)

Half Pint (236ml), Pint (472ml), Quart (944ml)

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