Utah WoodSafe


Utah WoodSafe, manufactured in Canada by Eco-house, is a rich dark-brown outdoor wood finish made with plant based oils and the gilsonite mineral for colouring and protection.  Ideal on wooden fences, fence posts, barns, hotbeds, coldframes and greenhouse structures. Areas that will come in regular contact with clothing, should receive a final clear coat with any compatible natural oil finish. 

We have selected this Eco-House product in particular because it provides a unique exterior stain… our only stocked selection with a colour embedded in the finish.  We carry the one gallon size only.


  • Brush on to exterior wood surfaces using a short bristled staining brush.
  • Use only what the wood will absorb and remove excess after about an hour.  This is a penetrating sealer, not a paint, and should not be left to pool on the surface.
  • Allow 8-12 hrs.  after first coat, 24 hrs. additional coats.
  • Touch up over time if wood appears dry or in areas that are exposed to heavier weathering.

natural gilsonite mineral, linseed standoil, chinese wood oil, purified linseed oil, pine resin ester, microwax, orange terpene, #115 Mild Citrus Thinner, lead-free driers (cobalt, zirconium, calcium octoates), rosemary oil.

Shelf life
2 – 3 years, if stored cool and dry. Reseal opened container air-tight.

approx. 120 – 150 sq ft. / L

Dry Time
8-12 hrs. first coat, 24 hrs. additional coats

Only the 1 gallon size is stocked available for purchase though 500ml sizes may be special ordered.

Eco-House, located in New Brunswick, has been catering to a clientele of artists, looking for safer alternatives for paints and solvents, since the mid 90s.  Since that time they have also developed a quality line of traditional, natural and low-VOC wood finishes available for a range of uses, such as timber frame construction, floor finishing, interior architectural wood work, cutting boards and counter-tops, furniture and more.  We carry only a single product of their line – our favourite exterior and only regularly stocked, coloured finish.

The Company Mission: to design and manufacture products with minimal environmental impact, using renewable or abundantly available natural raw materials, while offering the highest technical and Health Safety Standards for customers.

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