Seek Assistance

The difference between great Customer Service and Consulting…

Most of our interaction with our customers starts in our retail space and showroom.  Here we like to provide excellent customer service –  we’ll answer questions about our green building products and their application so that you can purchase with confidence.   We can also order special products for you and simplify the purchase and shipping procedure (while keeping prices competitive).  Both these types of product purchases support the continuation of our business.  Thanks!

However, there are many more aspects to green building than products.  We know most people who walk through our doors have questions that they want answers to without having to buy products.  We want to help you find the answers you need and still survive as a business so… if you are after information only, we ask that you engage our consulting services.  Here are some small ways we can do this, at very reasonable rates.

  • book an hour or two with us so that we can answer questions  you may have about general green building concepts (green building tutoring)
  • ask us to visit your project site before you start to build so that we can help you with siting or general design concepts (planning)
  • hire us to research specific products or analyze their appropriateness for inclusion in your project (product research)
  • work with us to solidify your person priorities. We will help you keep them at the forefront through your project to mitigate potential ‘derailment’.  (project retainer)
For more significant project involvement like detailed design or general contracting, meet with us to discuss options (free)