TimberSoy Natural Wood Stain

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This penetrating bio-based wood stain aids wood preservation, durability, beauty, and low life cycle cost per square foot. Unlike typical film forming paint stains that dry out the wood and hide the grain, TimberSoy delivers a fast penetrating uniform flow that allows natural agricultural oil by-products to absorb deep into the wood pores and enhance the natural rich beauty of the grain.

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It may be effectively used for interior and exterior wood projects without worrying about flammable, hazardous, or lingering offgassing concerns. Brush on in thin coats until desired colour is achieved.  Top with our AcriSoy sealer for added protection, if desired.

The pigments are sold separately and mixed (by you) into the stain carrying base.  In this way, you can modify the depth of colour by adding less than the full pigment quantity or more (up to two)

The product has been formulated to achieve faster penetration, a uniform streak free flow, easier installation, and increased integral bonding. By incorporating small particle size chemistry, less water, and an improved ability to reduce surface tension, the stain flows more efficiently into the substrate with ease. This non film forming technology also makes maintenance and recoats a breeze.

Varies with porosity of wood but normally upwards of 300 ft2/gal

Other benefits

  • Bio-Based Technology using Rapidly Renewable Resources
  • Non-Hazardous & Non-Flammable
  • Ultra-Low VOC <25 g/l  & very low, pleasant odour
  • Will Not Chip, Flake or Peel
  • Pigments are Zero VOC & provide Beautiful Natural Colorization
  • Does Not Alter Surface Friction
  • Natural Oils Replenish Wood
  • Mildew, Water, Stain & UV Resistant
  • Smooth & Easy Application & Lap Mark Free
  • Excellent Wood Protection
  • True Penetrating Stain  - Easily Repairable
  • Easy Soap & Water Cleanup
LEED Green Building Rating System applicable credits:
Materials & Resources:
  • Rapidly Renewable Materials, MR Credit 6
  • Recycled Content, MR Credit 6
Indoor Environmental Quality:
  • Low-Emitting Materials, EQ Credit 4

psf: ~ $0.13 / sq ft
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