Milk Paint

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A great example of a classic environmentally friendly product - easy and fun to use.  Mix up the powder with water using a hand blender.  Cleans up easy and drys fast. Creates a beautiful finish in the same way that our ancestors once did, never to chip or peel. The colour range is based on what's found in nature - an incredible beautiful palette. Note that the colour names are not descriptive, please select a range and we'll help you finalize your choice later.

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For Exterior or Interior colour... Appropriate for use on bare wood, plaster, masonry or any porous surface. Milk Paint will never chip or peel.  Being slightly akaline it also naturally inhibits the growth of mold and mildew.

  • Simply mix with water to create a creamy consistency - it’s that easy.
  • When mixing your milk paint, be sure to use a blender with fine blades
  •  Do not use an egg beater or whisk as this will not adequately mix up the fine particles and may result in an uneven colour tone when painting
  • Remove excess foam after mixing as this foam has very poor coverage
  • Before and during painting, stir milk paint frequently with paintbrush to prevent settling
  • Never use a primer when milk painting- a porous surface is required

TOOLS NEEDED - Electric blender (hand mixing is not sufficient), Bowl, Measuring Cup, Polyester Paintbrush (Sponge brush for Wash Effect).

A 170g bag produces approximately 3/4 of a quart of paint. Coverage depends on how porous the surface is but the normal mix will cover 40-60 sq. ft. The wash mix can cover up to 500 sq. ft. Slight shade/colour variations may occur between batches as this product is prepared by hand using natural compounds. When more than one bag is required, mix powder together before adding water. (Note: mixed Milk Paint should be used within the day).

Early settlers brought this method of paint making to North America more then 250 years ago. Basic ingredients including milk, limestone, clay and natural pigments like coal, berries, roots, seeds and minerals all found close at hand resulted in a paint whose durability is evidenced today by antiques showing the original milk painted finish. Milk Paint will produce a solid colour or a stain depending on the amount of water used when mixed. Milk Paint colours can be intermixed for custom shades. For high wear areas, milk paint must be sealed with a finishing product such as our Hemp Oil, Beeswax or other compatible sealer. Oil finishes work best for sealing, polyurethanes will cause the colour to appear a bit milky. *Ceilings do not require sealing.




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