Heritage Natural Finishes (Previously Land Ark)

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Favoured by timber framers and traditional wood finishing purists, this all natural and repairable finish will enhance the beauty of wood and is easy to work with. Made with Pure Tung Oil, Special Aged Linseed Oil, Beeswax, Pine Rosin, and Pure Citrus Oil and nothing else.  Low wax content allows this product to be used inside and outside (add our nano zinc oxide for UV protection outside).


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For hardwoods or if fast penetration and dry time is desired on soft woods, use the Original finish.  For top coating, very porous or dry woods, or for vertical applications where a thicker product is desired, we like the Concentrated Finishing Oil.  This Concentrated finish is also sold as Earthen Floor finish.  Ask for more information if you are finishing an earthen floor.

Brush, roll or rag on.  For fine woodwork or for well sanded floors, you can apply with power buffer using a terry cloth pad, or thick cotton towel under the white pad with the edges tucked under and held by the buffing wheel. Or just rub on thin coats with an old cotton T-shirt. Sanding between coats is not necessary, however, wet sanding and buffing produces a superb finish. It can also be used on very dry timber as the initial coat for a quicker, deeper hydration.

Stir before AND during use, and avoid application in direct sunlight or rain. Apply to woodwork of any type, using a real lambswool applicator or pad, or a well-made brush.We do not recommend application with a paint roller, however many of our customers have been using high quality lambswool, short nap rollers and had great success. Wet sand or power buff for a furniture-grade finish if desired. Concentrated Finishing Oil may be thickened with Liquid Wax, or thinned with Orginal Finish or Pure Citrus Solvent.

DO NOTapply our finishes over the top of other products or finishes (unless you put them over a previous oil-based product and have TESTED the result). Land Ark finishes are very durable; repair by rubbing more product into abrasions, scuffs and scratches with an abrasive pad. The nature of Land Ark prevents most problems with air bubbles, lap marks, and dust.

Clean Up: Use any solvent (like turpentine) to clean up any undesired oily spots on windows, tile, etc. We recommend using our Pure Citrus Solvent which is the food grade pure orange oil that we use in our products. It is much safer to use and any remaining on the surface will simply evaporate. The vapors from the solvent are non-hazardous. Do wear eye protection when using though! Lots of soap, water and elbow grease will work too!

Approx. 350 square feet per gallon or 500 board feet per gallon; rough-sawn materials tend to absorb more. You get less coverage on the first coat and much more on the second.

Product Package Sizes: 1 quart cans, 1 gallon pails, 3.5 gallon pails, 5 gallon pails

psf: $0.25 / sq ft
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