Food Grade Hemp Oil

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We love this food-safe oil finish for use in the kitchen on wood counter tops, utensils, chopping boards, stone works or even cast iron.  It will restore lustre and nourish old wood. This oil will deepen wood colour and enhance grain with a matte finish. Try on an inconspicuous spot to see how it looks.


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Use on new wood that is bare, stained, Milk-painted or to revive old wood effects. Not suitable over previously painted or polyurethane sealed surfaces – the plastic coating will prevent the penetration of the oil.

Apply to dry surface with a brush or rag. Allow 12-24 hours between coats. With no solvents drying time is longer thus project should be well ventilated for several days.

  • Bare or Stained Wood: Apply the first coat liberally.  Areas that absorb oil quickly, require more. After 30 minutes remove excess oil with a buffing rag. Subsequent coats require less oil. Most new wood will need 4 coats. Items used more often, i.e. tabletops require extra coats.
  • Restore surface lustre: Using a rag, wipe area with a small amount of oil.
  • Previously oiled or waxed surfaces: Light sanding may be needed. Apply oil. In 30 minutes remove excess oil with buffing rag.
  • Maintenance: Apply a light coat every other year or as needed.To remove scratches: spot sand then re-apply oil.
  • Drytime: approx. 24 hrs
  • Clean-Up: Soap and Water

1 Litre - Covers aprox 120 square feet

* Coverage will vary taking into consideration what the oil is being applied to. For example, a previously oiled surface will require very little oil, where as bare wood will require more.

This is straight hemp oil (even smells like hemp) and the finish will breath.  For additional stain protection and lustre on indoor surfaces, we recommend a Beeswax Finish to be applied a week after the last oil application. Also fine on outdoor surfaces but does not contain UV protection or mildewcide so wood will weather eventually if exposed to moisture and sunlight.

price_sq_ft: ~$0.17 / sq ft
psf: ~$0.17 / sq ft
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