Exterior Additive – Nano Zinc Oxide

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Add our Zinc Oxide to any oil based finish for UV protection.  It does not break down over time , plus it's cheaper than using the chemical UVA and Mildewcides.  We love the flexibility of being able to turn any finish into "exterior grade" .  This mixture will appear milky but will dry clear.

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Shake well until all the zinc oxide is fully suspended - we package the additive in glass jars so you can see when its fully dispersed.  Add to the finish of your choice at a ratio of approximately 2 oz per gallon.  It will appear milky in the finish but is transparent when applied.  The zinc oxide is dispersed in a solvent solution so is appropriate in any oil/solvent based mixture.

The ratio of about 2oz per gallon is based upon an expected coverage of 300ft2.  You can add more or less, its somewhat flexible.  We include more than 2 oz per gallon in our jars to give you a bit of wiggle room.

Once mixed with your finish, please use within a two months to prevent development of crystals in the finish. The reason we package it separately is to infinitely extend the shelf life.  Crystals will not develop after application to wood, this occurs only if it is suspended in solution for a long period. An added benefit is that you can make any finish or a portion of any finish "exterior grade" by being able to mix it up yourself.

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