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Utah WoodSafe is a dark-brown outdoor wood finish, using natural oils and the gilsonite mineral for colouring and protection.  Ideal on wooden fences, fence posts, barns, hotbeds, coldframes and greenhouse structures. Items that will be touched by clothing in its normal use, should received a final clear coat with any compatible natural oil finish.

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Brush on to exterior wood surfaces using a staining brush (you may trim the bristles shorter if its too 'floppy').

Use only what the wood will absorb and remove excess after about an hour.  This is not a paint and should not be left to pool on the surface.

Allow 8-12 hrs.  after first coat, 24 hrs. additional coats.

Touch up over time if wood appears dry or in areas that are exposed to heavier weathering.

This is an oil-based product and will require solvent for thinning or cleanup

approx. 12 m² per litre  or 450 sqare feet per gallon, depending on the porosity of the wood

NGREDIENTS: natural gilsonite mineral, linseed standoil, chinese wood oil, purified linseed oil, pine resin ester, microwax, orange terpene, # 115 Citrus Thinner, lead-free driers ( cobalt, zirconium, calcium octoates ) , rosemary oil

CAUTION: Oil-soaked rags are prone to spontaneous combustion. Always store them safely in an air-tight metal container. Keep out of reach of children.

SHELF-LIFE : 2 - 3 years, if stored cool and dry. Reseal opened container air-tight.

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