Eco-House Hardwood Floor Oil

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Specially designed for use on hardwood floors, furniture and other interior architectural woodwork. It penetrates into the wood like a Danish Oil, its resin content hardens the surface from the inside, making it water- repellent and easy to clean. Use on interior hardwoods.  For added protection, top with a thin coat of wax or mix some wax in with the final coat.


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Well suited for indoors, but may also be used outdoors in areas not exposed to weather . This wood is protected against water damage but will turn gray over time from the sun's UV radiation.

APPLICATION : Apply 1 - 3 coats by brush, roller or spraying. Especially the 1st coat should be applied very liberally so that the surface is completely saturated. Wipe off unpenetrated product after 20 - 30 minutes with a clean cotton cloth. Wait at least 10 to 12 hours between coats. Improved protection for floors and furniture can be achieved by an additional treatment with # 300 Carnauba Floor Wax.

DRY TIME : 8-12 hrs. first coat, 24 hrs. additional coats

THINNING & CLEAN UP: Ready to use product, for spraying thin with up to100 % Thinner

approx. 12 m²/ ltr or 450 sqft / gallon

TECHNICAL PROPERTIES : Deep penetrating vegetable oil & tree resin blend, provides an elastic, breathable protective coating. Water-resistent and surface-hardening. Enriches natural wood grain and does not blister or peel. Food-safe.  Easy to refinish by applying additional coat after a light sanding.

INGREDIENTS: Linseed standoil, chinese wood oil, purified linseed oil, pine resin ester, microwax, Citrus Thinner, lead-free driers (cobalt, zirconium, calcium octoates), rosemary oil.

COLOURS: honey-tone clear, may be tintable with pigments of your choice

SHELF-LIFE : 2 - 3 years, if stored cool and dry. Reseal opened container air-tight.

CAUTION: Oil-soaked rags are prone to spontaneous combustion if gasses are left to accumulate.  Dry flat or place in a non-combustible container.

price_sq_ft: ~ $0.25 / sq ft
psf: ~ $0.25 / sq ft
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