Mineral Paints (aka Silicate Dispersion Paint)

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Developed in Germany in the late 1800s, this type of paint has evolved into a first-class interior and exterior decorative, protective finish with out-standing technical quality features. Silicate Dispersion Paint is also known as Inorganic Mineral Paint.

As an exterior wall finish on stucco, concrete, masonry and natural stone it is valued for it's

  • Durability
  • Breathability
  • Lightfastness and
  • Resistance against acid rain

  • Use
  • Coverage
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This type of paint is ideal for any unsealed mineral, plaster or masonry surface.


Natural sandstone or lime & sand plaster with loose particles can be stabilized with one coat of PrimaSil. Highly absorbent surfaces, surfaces with varying absorbency or colour can be primed with PrimaSil or can be pre-treated with an effective 'tinted primer' by mixing the mineral paint, primer and water at a ratio of 1: 1 : 1. This primes the surface as well as acting as the first coat of paint, reducing labour and material costs.

approx. 80 - 90 sqft per Litre or 300 - 340 sqft per Gallon

INGREDIENTS water, potassium silicate, calcite, chalk, silicate extenders, earthen & mineral pigments (iron oxides,aluminum silicate,chromium (III)oxide, natural earth pigments), kaolin, pure acrylate dispersion, ammonia solution,polysaccharide, cellulose, sodium-phosphonate, fatty acid defoamer, siloxane hydrophobing agent.

price_sq_ft: ~ $0.40 / sq ft
psf: ~ $0.40 / sq ft
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