American Clay Plaster

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American Clay is a fantastic alternative to paint on any interior wall - this plaster goes on thin so needs to be applied to a relatively smooth surface.  American Clay is where natural plaster meets commercial finish, providing a wonderful natural feel to conventional wall systems.  This finish gives rooms a fantastic Italian Villa feel.  Check the American Clay website for full application details.


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LOMA- American Clay's original plaster formulation and still its best selling plaster.   Loma is  the basecoat for our Porcelin and Marittim plasters, and can  a finish coat too.  The base colour of this clay (with out pigment) is called 'snow canyon'

Made with reclaimed marble sand and multiple clays, Loma conveys the essence of suede through its sensuous matte surfaces and provides a surprising range of textures for interior walls.

PORCELINA is the smoothest plaster,  provides the user with an opportunity to create traditional Old World marble smooth surfaces.  This product is often compared to the Venetian plasters of Italy. The quality of Porcelin is similar to the porcelain ceramic for which it was named. Porcelina is used as a second coat only.

MARITTIMO is the strongest of the plasters and  draws its beauty from the Mediterranean villages of Morocco, as the crushed sea shell aggregate within gives the plaster its strength.  Marittimo uses recycled, crushed shells from the U.S. Gulf Coast. This finish lends itself to a smooth waxy feel or a textural sand finish depending on your choice of application. Marittim is used as a second coat only.

ENJARR plaster is designed to be applied in a single coat, saving time and money while achieving a distinct, natural, beautiful wall and ceiling coating. This application eliminates some of the labor and cost typically involved in finishing a wall, especially in settings where our two coat product is cost-prohibitive: large commercial, multi-unit housing, production building, and high-traffic government buildings. It can be applied to achieve a range of finishes, from very smooth to rustic and textured.

Users can also choose to use Enjarre plaster in a single coat and later upgrade to Loma, Porcelina or Marittim as a second coat as time and money allows.

Prep painted surfaces or unpainted drywall with sanded primer or check application instructions for acceptable base coats to plaster directly on to.  If you are using Loma, Porcelina or Marittimo, always start with a coat of Loma as a base.  Surfaces with texture will require a thicker base coat, never more than 1/16 of an inch.

Enjarre, the only plaster designed for single coat application,  needs to be applied more thickly than the other plasters, between 2 to 3 credit cards thick.

Hand troweled, roll-on, and/or sprayable application.

Click here to visit the American Clay website for complete application directions.


One 50lb bag of Loma will cover 180 to 200ft2, per coat.

One 50lb bag of Porcelina will cover 300 to 400 ft2, in one coat

One 50lb bag of Marittimo will cover 160 to 180 ft2, in one coat

One 63lb bag of Enjarre wil cover 100 to 140 ft2.

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