Local FSC Certified Fir Floors

Price: $3.00

This unfinished fir flooring is sourced locally from the sustainably managed and FSC Certified Harrop-Procter Community Forest.  Help reinforce the best possible harvesting practices while encouraging local employment.

Flooring comes in long lengths from 6 to 16 feet for easy installation. Profiling on underside helps control cupping. Talk to us about finishing options!

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We recommend fir flooring for those who are seeking a warm, authentically classic look and feel. Flooring must be ordered  in advance an allowed sufficient time to acclimatize to your home before installing, particularly in warm indoor temperatures.  Once in, floors will require sanding and finishing of your choice.  Make sure you have decided on how to finish as well so that you have all the tools and materials ready.

We are happy to connect you with flooring installers or check our service directory.

Flooring is best nailed down (using a flooring stapler).  Please check the moisture levels of the house (ambient), the subfloor, and the flooring itself to ensure they are within a percent or two of each other.  Flooring will expand and contract with fluctuating humidity levels so its best to install your floor once the house has stabilized (especially in the case of a new build where mudding and painting can create 'wet' conditions temporarily)
Once the floor is down, sand and finish as desired.

The Harrop-Procter Community Forest is stewarded by the Harrop-Procter Watershed Protection Society (HPWPS) with goals of:

  • Preservation and protection of all watersheds in the community and the assurance of a consistent quantity and quality of water.
  • Development of public forests in the Harrop-Procter area according to site-sensitive ecologically based forestry practices; modeled on Silva Forest Foundation planning, approved by the HPWPS.
  • Promote and encourage locally based employment available through the development of public forest lands.
  • Support of ecosystem research, public education and sustainable rural communities.


The Harrop-Procter Community Forest is Managed By the Harrop-Procter Community Co-operative (HPCC) with goals to:

  • Develop public forests in the Harrop-Procter area using ecologically based forestry practices which are modeled on Silva Forest Foundation planning and are approved by HPWPS.
  • Stimulate locally based employment from these forest lands that is ecologically sustainable, and socially and economically equitable.



psf: $3.00/ per square foot
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