SoyCrete Architectural Concrete Stain

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An ultra low VOC soy base semi-transparent penetrating concrete stain.  This product has been very well received - easy to use,  green building compliant, non-hazardous, ultra-low VOC, acid-free.  SoyCrete  provides the variegated look of acid stain, but with more consistency, control, flexibility, ease of use, and faster installation time without sacrificing performance integrity - not a coating so no chipping or peeling. 


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The colour packs are added to this stain base providing an economical and logical way to stock a variety of colour options while keeping product 'fresh' and giving the purchaser more flexibility in the depth of colour. (prices listed below include both the stain base and one colour pack)

Perfect for: Decorative Concrete Floors, Masonry Walls, Natural Stone, Landscapes, Hardscapes, Pool Decks, Patio's, Garage Floors, Tilt-Up Walls, Plaster Walls, Adobe, Rammed Earth, Stucco, Drywall, Concrete Art, Etc.


The average coverage may vary between 400 sq.ft./gal to over 600 sq.ft./gal. This range is typically 2-3 times more than conventional stain products. A coverage range all depends on the porosity of the substrate and the application method used. A highly porous substrate will want to absorb more material. A denser substrate will absorb less. So on a highly porous substrate, you will want to better control the amount of material being applied by selecting the applicable installation method and tools.

Formulation will achieve fast penetration, easy installation, and increased integral bonding. By incorporating small particle size chemistry and an improved ability to reduce surface tension, the stain flows more efficiently into the substrate with ease and without streaking. Professional applicators and artisans now enjoy enhanced versatile color layering and faster distribution of the stain with more variety of applicator tool choices, including high quality pump sprayers.

Other Benefits:

  • Bio-Based Technology using Rapidly Renewable Resources
  • Non-Hazardous & Acid Free
  • Ultra-Low VOC <25 g/l  & very low, pleasant odour
  • Will Not Chip, Flake or Peel
  • Pigments are Zero VOC & provide Beautiful Natural Variations
  • Does Not Alter Surface Friction
  • Mildew, Efflorescence, UV, Stain & Water Resistant
  • Smooth & Easy Application & Lap Mark Free
  • Predictable Colorization, Extremely versatile
  • True Penetrating Stain  - Easily Repairable
  • Easy Soap & Water Cleanup


LEED Green Building Rating System applicable credits:

Materials & Resources:

  • Rapidly Renewable Materials, MR Credit 6
  • Recycled Content, MR Credit 6

Indoor Environmental Quality:

  • Low-Emitting Materials, EQ Credit 4

psf: $0.10 per sq ft
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