Acri-Soy Penetrating Clear Sealer

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Offers excellent substrate protection and durability on concrete or wood - can be used on its own or as the top coat over the TimberSoy or SoyCrete Stains. The sealer penetrates and absorb into the surface to integrally bond and seal without the use of petroleum based solvents. Very low odour during application, this breathable finish allows moisture vapors to escape from within the substrate, which otherwise would be a primary cause of premature sealer failure.

The product also provides  efflorescence resistance (when used with concrete), minimally alters the appearance of wood (unlike most oils which significantly darken grain) and delivers early water resistance. Easy to use and very economical.

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Typical Use:  Decorative concrete, warehouse floors, public works projects, residential development, brick pavers, masonry block, natural stones, grout, wood decks, wood trim, fiber cement, plaster, stucco, and more.

Perform test patch and method to determine actual spread rate estimates. One coat is generally sufficient depending on the porosity. Apply two coats for high traffic or vehicular traffic areas only when porosity allows a 2nd coat. More is not better. Avoid the temptation to build a film.

PREPARATION: Proper surface preparation is critical to a successful installation. Surfaces must be clean, free of bond breakers  and porous for proper penetration.  Test the surface in all areas within each pad or foundation sections for porosity by spraying a light water mist over the project area. If the water soaks in immediately in all areas, you should have sufficient porosity and are ready to begin the project. If your water test beads on top of the surface or penetrates slowly, you either have a non-porous hard trowelled surface or you may have oil, sealer, cure-n-seal, hardener or other substance that is prohibiting penetration. If this is the case, you must strip all bond breakers prior to proceeding. After all bond breakers have been removed, we recommend using our organic Eco Etch Pro™ Concentrate to deep clean the substrate to a “like new” appearance and to achieve optimum porosity.

If applying Acri-Soy™ over an existing stain system other than SoyCrete™ or TimberSoy™, be sure to test for compatibility and follow all manufacturer dry time instructions. Most applications will require only a single coat. It is recommended to install a minimum of 2 coats for automotive and high traffic areas for maximum protection only if porosity allows. Allow approximately 1 hour intercoat dry time between sealer coats. Always perform sample tests using your desired method to determine repeatable spray techniques, strokes, rolls, etc., that delivers the applicable amount of material without puddling or over saturating the substrate. Do not create a topical build. Start from your farthest point working toward your exit path moving right to left or left to right.

Concrete - 600 - 800 square feet per gallon

Wood - 300 - 500 square feet per gallon

Product features:

  • Water-Based for Easy Soap & Water Cleanup
  • Bio-Based for Petroleum Use Reduction
  • Ultra Low VOC’s < 10 g/l, very low, pleasant odour (like soy milk)
  • Renewable Resource and Recycled (agri-waste) Content
  • No Hazardous Waste
  • High Coverage = Less Material, Faster Install = Less Energy
  • Integral Bond & Seal
  • Non Film Forming, No Peeling or Flaking
  • Interior & Exterior Grade, Breathable
  • Efflorescence Resistant, UV Resistant, Weather Resistant
  • Fast 1 Hour Dry Time and Easy Recoats Saves $$$
  • Enhances Substrate Life
  • No Lingering Offgassing
LEED Green Building Rating System qualifying credits:
Materials & Resources:
  • Rapidly Renewable Materials, MR Credit 6
  • Recycled Content, MR Credit 6
Indoor Environmental Quality:
  • Low-Emitting Materials, EQ Credit 4

psf: < $0.10 / sq ft
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