Local Green Building Services Directory

CGW Plumbing and Heating

Contact: Sam Commandeur
506 Latimer Street Nelson BC V1L 4T9 Canada Work Phone: 250 505 5142 Website: http://www.cgwplumbing.ca/

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Elements Roofing and Siding

Contact: James Guay OR Dustin Kosiancic
Nelson BC Cell Phone: 250 505-4555 Cell Phone: 250 505-7789

Ewing Insolutions

Contact: Jesse Ewing
Home Nelson BC Work Phone: 250 551-3100 Website: http://www.ewinginsolutions.com/

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Kite Refrigeration

Contact: Derek Kite
Work Phone: 250-352-0199 Website: http://kiterefrigeration.com/
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Renew Technologies

Contact: Mark Harold
621 Herridge Lane Nelson BC V1L 7B3 Work Phone: 250 509 1510 Website: http://www.renewtechnologies.ca/

Rocky Point Engineering

Contact: Mark Harold
621 Herridge Lane Nelson BC V1L7B3 Canada Work Phone: (250) 352- 7933 x 25 Website: http://www.rockypointengineering.com/